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2020 Christmas Guide

Hey Friends!

Merry Christmas!!!

We are so excited for this holiday season this year! One of my favorite traditions is getting warm hot chocolate & driving from neighborhood to neighborhood to see the Christmas lights. What are you favorite traditions?

As a kid, I never thought the day would come, but my parents heavily implied that “one day giving would be better than getting”. Well friends, that day did come in the form of parenthood. Some of you already have all of your Christmas shopping done. If you are like me… you realize around December 15th, Christmas is actually happening again this year!

We have put together a gift guide to help you shop for the kids in your life. Between the two of us, we have 5 kids ranging from ages 1-10, so these ideas are tried and true. 

First up we have the little ones,

We all know that the little ones won’t remember their first Christmas gifts, but as parents we wanna spoil them anyways!

The Baby Einstein play table is a HUGE hit in our house. The best thing about it is, it grows as they grow! It helps tremendously with developing fine motor skills.

The turtle tummy time mat is a good gift for those babies who hate tummy time. This has helped our babes to learn to love it! Its a win win situation there!

This piano play mat was another favorite for our babies. It kept them more entertained then most mats, since it has lights & music when you hit the keys. This one is so much fun for any baby, and helps mom have her hands free for a bit 😉

How cute are these leg rattles?! They have a crinkle & rattle sound them which kept our little ones entertained just from that!

This car mirror is a LIFE SAVER for any baby who hates being in the car. You can control it from the front seat with a remote. Which is one of the BEST features for parents! It also plays music. Its a win win for all of us.

The musical, rolling “guy” is so much fun for ages 6 months+ up. It plays over 16 songs, lights up, acts as a drum, and tumbles around the house. It will keep your little ones entertained for awhile!

Next up 2 & under kiddos…

We can truly recommend all of these toys, considering we currently have them in our house! These are some of our favorites and most used toys of all time. The coco melon baby JJ doll is one of the hottest items this year, and hard to find in stock…. may the odds be in your favor!

Going on a long car ride? We love the Crayola touch-light drawing board.

The balance bike is a great gift for ages 1-2. It is especially popular with our 18 month old boy. It comes in pink, blue, red and white.

Who knew toddlers like to “clean” so much. My toddler tends to take the big broom, knocking everything off the counter before he sweeps. That’s why Melissa and Doug win my vote with their cleaning set.

This age range really likes to pull up and push. Baby strollers, walkers, and shopping carts!

You truly can’t go wrong with any of these gifts, they are well played with in our households!

Here are the links to the 2020 favorite “baby shark” puzzle, the drum set (great for new sitters), and the whacky ball toy.

Next up we have age range 3-4 years old…

This age is so fun, they are learning something new every single day & are getting into EVERYTHING! The difference between 2 and 3, is knowing they should hide what they are getting into 😉

We wanted to include some outdoor & indoor toys for this age range considering getting outside to play is always our first choice!

For indoor toys, check out this writing tablet and matching game. The best part is that the pen for the tablet can write on the tablet but NOT the wall! It has been one of our favorites, for road trips and even short car rides!

When we aren’t busy playing outside we love to play board games as a family, we love this matching game, and it can be played by ages 3 and up!

The slide, ride on toy, and trampoline can all be used indoor or outdoor. We actually recently upgraded our indoor slide with telescope like this. The little one really enjoys the telescope feature, mostly for banging it against the side of the wall, but whatever works!

Next we have the fun age of 5-7 year olds!

I feel like this age is the hardest to shop for, unless your child knows EXACTLY what they want and have an entire list made for you. In our house we love any toys that are educational, but still fun!

This globe is one of our favorites, it’s super educational. This interactive world map makes learning about geography and culture fun.

Magna-Tiles are a staple in our house, everyone loves & plays with them. They are so fun to build with and then use that to play pretend. If I could recommend just one toy, this would be it!

Let’s not forget simple is still fun! The walkie talkies, board games and scooters might seem like old news, but still provide hours of fun!

As a mom of multiples, I like those walkie talkies because they come in sets of 2-4.

Last up we have our older kids, ages 8-10…

Most of the time our oldest kids start writing their lists in August. I call that a draft and they re-write it a few times. Last year, my 9 year old realized an item she HAD TO HAVE the week before Christmas. Now who is laughing at my tendency to shop last minute??

But, if you have one of those kids who likes to be surprised this list is for you!

The ninja course & rock climbing wall is on our kids lists this year, this gift is totally going be one of the favorites this year. I can’t attest to it personally, but I spoke with a lot of large family mama’s before writing this recommendation and it’s a go!

Try out the robot, terrarium, and the gravity maze are good additions to any Christmas morning! The “Guess in 10” is a new on on our list this year, but it doesn’t disappoint. We are definitely a board game family. You can’t beat education and fun!

We will try to check these links as often as we can to be sure items are still in stock, but it’s Christmas season and toys go out of stock quickly. Amazon is my favorite place to shop during this season because they ship quickly. If an item is out of stock, take advantage of the “products related to this item” section at the bottom of the Amazon page. You’ll often find the exact same item or something very similar.



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