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DIY Raised Garden Bed

Have you ever had a great idea in your head, but didn’t think you could actually bring it to life in your own way? Those were my exact thoughts when I had the idea to make my own raised garden bed. I was so ready for a beautiful transformation to our side yard that nothing was stopping me from creating this garden.

Materials List

  • Two 8ft wood boards

  • Two 3ft wood boards

  • Four 2×2 posts

  • Wood screws

  • Garden Soil

  • Vegetable or Fruit seeds

Tools Required

  • Circular Saw

  • Shovel

  • Drill

  • Hammer

So off to get all of the supplies I went, and came back with all of these goodies! I used two 8ft boards, and two 3ft boards, four 2×2 posts, wood screws, and 6 bags of garden soil. I started off only making it one board high, but I want to eventually add a couple more on. I started off leveling out the ground completely before anything! It is super important to make sure your ground is level because water can just run off and not get completely soaked into the ground.

After you have your soil level and ready, you are ready to start cutting your wood to the size you need and then drill together your boards. Make sure you measure twice and cut once… you don’t want uneven boards! Set all of your boards up like they are already connected and next you will drill together your boards. After everything is drilled together you will want to dig out about an inch of dirt along the edges where the wood is going to be placed. Once the garden box is placed where you want it, place 2×2 support beams in each corner and screw them in. These will help support your garden box and make sure it will live a longer life. And last but not least you fill in your box with your garden soil, I filled mine about a little less then half way.

How amazing is that transformation?! This is exactly what my yard needed and I am so happy I just went for it! I had nothing better to do anyways right?! I hope you all enjoyed this transformation and I can’t wait to do another! Stay tuned for more DIY projects!



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