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Fall Bucket List

One of my ALL time favorite fall activities as a kid growing up was apple picking, and that has not changed a bit! There is just something about finding that perfect red, crisp apples and taking them home to make apple crisp or pie. I can never skip the fresh baked doughnuts & apple cider. We are looking forward to visiting an apple orchard this fall, hopefully a few times!

Pumpkin carving is such a fun, but slightly messy fall activity I look forward to each year! You can get creative and make TONS of different designs on your pumpkin, I have used Pintrest in the past to find my stencils. It can tend to be time consuming depending on the design but when you finish it is so rewarding! What is your favorite design to carve? I would love some creative ideas for this year.

One of our favorite local places is Bergey’s Breadbasket Farm in Chesapeake VA. It is the cutest farm with a variety of animals, a goat petting zoo, a few horses, kittens, pigs, chickens. It is such a fun place for the kids to explore and see all of the adorable animals. They also have a small shop where you can buy baked goods & the best icecream ever!

I love being able to share all of the amazing small local businesses with you. Fall time is my favorite so we are always up for ALL of the fun fall activities. Do you have local spots you visit every year or do you explore new spots each year? I would love to hear all of your favorite spots in the comments!


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