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This week in our shop

Hey Friends, Happy Friday!

Have you had a crazy week like us?! We have been hiding indoors while its been insanely hot! Who is ready for some rain to cool these temperatures down? I know I definitely am! We have been working on a variety of orders this week, one of my favorites has got to be the glitter tumblers! They are so fun to customize, and create the perfect logo for you! Which glitters colors would you choose?

Where are all of my military families at?! Have you had multiple duty stations or have you stayed in the same state your entire career? We have been lucky and have not had to make a huge move across country… yet. We have been working on some personalized duty station signs this week and love how they turned out!

One of the newest items in the shop is our laser cut! Our customer used this piece for decoration at their baby shower, and the best part about this piece for baby showers is you can reuse it in the nursery! This sign added the perfect touch! How many of you have a personalized name sign in your children’s room?

Thanks for reading this week, tune in next week to see all of the new creations we have been working on! We look forward to reading your comments!

Stay safe & have the best weekend!



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Mom to four, military wife, small business owner and avid crafter! I love to learn new things and share what I know with others. Can’t find what you are looking for? Just ask!

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