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Frequently Asked Questions

About ordering sublimation transfers:


How do I know what size to order for shirts and hoodies?

We have sizing reference guides for infants, youth and adult shirts/ hoodies. Sizing is a bit of a personal preference dependent on how you want your final product to look. You can use our reference guides as a starting point and adjust as needed.


How do I know what size to order for tumblers and mugs?

We teach sizing mugs and tumblers more in depth in our course, but generally speaking, you can find the dimensions needed in the product description of the tumbler or mug that you ordered. You'll need the height and to find the circumference. Alternatively, you can use a soft measuring tape to measure the physical product in hand. This is the better of the two options to be absolutely sure you are getting the correct dimensions. 


What do I need to press your sublimation transfers?

You will need a heat press, heat tape, and butcher paper to press our transfers. You can check out the products we recommend here: Recommended Products for Getting Started with Sublimation


How do I press the transfers?

For lightly colored polyester fabric including shirts and hoodies,  we recommend 390 degrees F for 40 seconds with medium pressure. Be sure to place butcher paper underneath, in between the layers and on top of your substrate. All other sublimation blanks vary depending on the method of pressing (convection oven versus press) and the individual substrate. We recommend starting with manufacturers instructions whenever possible. The seller of the blank should know best, what time and temperature works best for their products. 


Where do I send my image after I place my order?

Please send your image via email to preserve the quality of the file. Etsy often compresses files and they either lose quality or cannot be downloaded. My email address is It looks like a website, but it is my business email.


Please include your name and/or order number so that I can easily match your order to your images to ship.


Do you offer gang sheets or bulk pricing for large orders?

Yes, we have a wholesale listing which offers sublimation transfers by the page size. You may design your sheet (like a gang sheet) and send to us or send us a list of images, quantities, and sizes needed and we will fit as many per page as we can. 

For example,  image 1 - 2, 5 inch

                                     4, 10 inch

                      image 2 - 1, 3 inch


How do you size my image?

We size images/ transfers based on the longest side. If you order a 10 inch and your image is a perfect square, it will be 10 inches by 10 inches. However, if it is a rectangle, the longest side will be 10 inches. This prevents confusions and allows us to provide consistently sized transfers. If you have questions or need a specific size and don't know what to order, please email us:

About the sublimation process:


What is sublimation?

Sublimation is the process of transferring an image to a substrate via heat. Once done, the ink becomes apart of the substrate and does not lay on top like DTF, vinyl, screen printing, etc. 


Will it crack, peel, or fade?

When done correctly, sublimation is permanent and will not crack, peel or fade. It is the highest quality transfer option out there. The only exception is if something is left in the sun/ elements for weeks on end. Even then, the image fades, but doesn't come off. 

It is 100 percent washer/dryer/ microwave/ dishwasher safe.


Can I press on anything? 

Sublimation requires lightly colored polyester fabric or an approved sublimation blank. We are most commonly asked if it can be applied to dark fabrics or cotton and the answer is no. There are ways to work around these limitations with heat transfer vinyl, bleaching techniques, sublimation sprays, etc. but this requires additional products, education, and resources. 


Will an iron or Cricut Easy Press work on sublimation transfers? 

We do not recommend an iron under any circumstances. Sublimation requires very consistent heat and pressure. We have many customers who use their Cricut Easy Press with success. We have never personally used one and recommend a heat press for the highest quality results. 


What do I need to get started? 

For more information, we have put together a Sublimation Quick Start Guide here:

and our recommended products page here:

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